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Rhythmic Gymnastics PHOTOGRAPHER Paris Normandie

Photographe gymnastique rythmique Normandie 

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"In order to fly, you need to let go of the thinks that weigh you down"

Treat yourself to this moment with us to highlight what is important. Your passion or your child passion.
Why choose Angelfairyphotography studio? The Angelfairyphotography studio is the only professional studio in Paris and Normandy, specializing in the enhancement of Rhythmic Gymnastics gymnast.
A privileged and warm welcome will be given to you to immortalize your passion.

Angelfairy photography, photographe professionnelle de Gymnastique Rythmique à Paris et en Normandie 
I don't just take picture, I create memories of your sport. Classical dancer, and Rhythmic Gymnastics gymnast, I continued my practice as a coach and judge in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

When I create images of gymnasts, I use all this experience to create a personalized service with quality : thousands of gymnasts trained, dozens of national titles, hundreds of gymnasts and dancers photographed.

I have a personalized mastery in the art of directing a moving body and immortalizing the moments of a lifetime.

Thanks to my different specific methods of coaching and lighting, I create moments that will fully highlight your technique, your silhouette and your authentic art.

Your satisfaction is my priority  by taking photos that look like you by inviting you into my soft, refined, elegant, fashionable and artistic universe.

Each session is an inspiration in the constant search for new ideas to have unique images that look like you.

Every details are visualized, meticulously designed and directed.

I make vibrant shots based on elegance. I know how emotion translates into a moving body, using its power, strength and grace to tell a compelling story.

Notre contact
Our first contact can be made by email, but I usually have a video exchange by zoom or WhatsApp in order to ask you questions about your photographic project.

Why am I talking about a project? Because depending on your objective, I will manage the shooting so that the final photos speak to you and that they look like you, which correspond exactly to what you want.

Each person, each project is unique, your images will be too.

La séance
You have the choice. The Rhythmic Gymnastics photo session will take place either in my Home studio located in Normandy (27) or in Paris (93).

The RG shoot will last from 1h30 to 3h00 depending on the collection you have chosen.

Different stagings will be created with different outfits, hairstyles and backgrounds.

A Make-up artist (mua) will be with us during all the shooting and will perform your make-up and your hairdressing.

A stylist will be us during the shooting. She will select the outfits and leotards that you have brought back from your suitcase. You will have at your disposal all the outfits and accessories of the studio.

Le portrait aquatique de Gymnastique rythmique (GR)
As a certified aquatic photographer, you will be able to live with me an original, artistic and rare experience in France : a Rhythmic Gymnastics aquatic shooting. Aquatic sessions can be carried out throughout the year because I work in a private heated pool in Normandy and Paris. Everything is planned to welcome you in complete safety. To perform Rhythmic Gymnastics Underwater shooting, you must know how to swim and be in good physical condition.​

For more information send me a message via the contact form or by  mail.

You can book your photo shoot with this link :

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